BACA Membership

Membership is open to all who love and support all forms of live performance. You do not have to be a performer or in a performance related field to belong to BACA. We encourage families and friends of cabaret, jazz, musical theatre and all performing arts to join.

Membership costs $50 per year for up to two people in a household or $25 per year for students. Please note: The BACA renewal period takes place during August and September, but you will get a full year's membership for $50 regardless of when you join.

In addition, to help our data collection, each person in a two-member household should submit their own individual form, whether you are paying dues or are receiving a complimentary membership.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Links to your email and web site or other personal page (Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, etc.). To update your listing, please email
  • Members only Yahoo Group *
  • Facebook Page *
  • Online Calendar* for Members ONLY to promote their musical events
  • Advertising Discounts on the BACA web site and/or BACA events programs
  • BACA Events Discounts for Cabaret Fest, open mics, master classes and more
  • Voting Privileges to elect BACA Board of Directors

* Joining BACA's e-mail group for announcements of BACA events and members' performances is available to members and enthusiasts alike. Only BACA members, however, may post to the list. If you don't already have a Yahoo ID, go to and sign up for one. It's free and easy. Once you have your Yahoo ID, sign into Yahoo, visit the BostonCabaret group, and click the "Join Group" button.

* All postings via BACA's email group, Facebook page, and online Calendar, are limited to musical events, programs or discussions related to BACA, or of musical interest to the BACA membership, and shall not be used for private business advertising or gain.

Current BACA Members

Paul Agnew Email
Chrys Alam Email
Steve Alam
Bob Allison Email Web
Andrew Altman Email Web
Sheryl Altman Email
Peter Ambler
John Amodeo
Kathryn Anderson Email Web
Jennifer Antkowiak Email Web
Ellen Bagley
Judy Ballantine
Joanne Barrett Email
Katia Barroso
Matt BenDaniel Email
Ernie Berardinelli
Charles Berg
Bob Bond Email Web
Sara Brodsky Email Web
Bryan Buchus
Carole Bundy Email
Robin Burrage Email Web
Daniel Capobianco
Diane Carey Email Web
Bobbi Carrey Email Web
Tom Casey Email Web
Kristy Catsouphes
Andrew Celentano Web
Fran Charnas
Theresa Coney
Bradford Conner Email Web
Mary Crowe Email Web
Sara Curry Email
Frank Dain Email Web
Marilyn Dale Email
Lynda D'Amour Email Web
Jean Dancewicz Email
Ted Davis Email
Brian De Lorenzo Web
Linda Delaney
Bonnie Delongchamp Email Web
David Diamond
Sharon DiFronzo Email Web
Bernice Doherty
Bill Duffy Email
Jon-Daniel Durbin Email
Teddy Edgar
Christine Elise Email Web
Anne Ellithorpe-Luker Web
Pamela Enders Web
Caitlin Fahey
Hilary Feldman Web
Marc Feldmann
Rod Ferguson Email Web
Stephen Fischer
Joyce Friedman Email Web
Bobby Gadoury Email
James Gagnon
Peter Gaioni
Kelli Gallagher Email
Sophie Glasser Web
Les Gluck
Harriet Goldberg Email Web
Sayre Gorodetsky
David Grayson
Hildy Grossman Email Web
Isabel Guimaraes Email Web
Mary Jo Haggerty
Lisa Hall Web
Bill Hamill
Laura Hamilton
Ruth Harcovitz Email Web
Dave Hardy Web
Lydia Harrell Web
Mark Hastings Web
Steve Heck
Leslie Holmes Email Web
Lisa Hough Email Web
Bobbi Hrono Email
Janis Hudson
Prudence Humphreys Web
Michelle Hylan
William Jarosz Email
Curt Johnson
Lisa Kantor Email Web
Denise Karlin
Gabriella Kassel
Phillip Kassel Email
James Keating
Lynn Kellermann Email
Eliyahu Kheel Web
Ann Marie King Email Web
Kathleen Kolman
Steve Koretz Email
Lina Koutrakos Web
Tom LaMark Email Web
Debbie Lane Web
Richard Lane
Lisa Lapinski
Poul LaPlante
Eric Larivee
Barbara Larson Email
Betsy Leondar-Wright
Gail Leondar-Wright Email
Bob Levy Web
Ashley Lieberman
Jennie Litt Email Web
Dennis Livingston Email Web
Jeanie Lovering Email
Kevin Luey Email
David Luker
Linda Marks Email Web
Peter Mac Email Web
Patrick McFarland Email
Patrice McKinley Email Web
Will McMillan Email Web
Julie McVay
Paul McWilliams Email
Peggy Mansfield
Shepley Metcalf Email Web
Kimberly Morrow Email Web
Karen Moss
Karen Mulvey
Peter Nash Email
Andrew Needleman
Tracey O'Farrell Email Web
Kyle Pahigian Email Web
Bill Paish
Barbara Papesch Email
Krisanthi Pappas Email Web
Rebecca Parris
Barbara Perdigao
Martin Pierce
Craig Pomranz Web
Curtis Poole Email
Erin Quinlan Email
Joseph Reid Email
Richard Repetta Email Web
Michael Ricca Email
Carol Robinson Email
Michael Robson Email
William Robson
Matthew Romero Email Web
Michael Romero
Alexandra Rubington Email
Molly Ruggles Email Web
Ethel Ryerson Email
Jinny Sagorin Email Web
David Scott Web
Benjamin Sears Email Web
Annie Sharkey
Janet Simpson Email
Celia Slattery Email Web
Stephen Smith Email Web
Terry Smith
Barbra Dale Solomon Email
Maeve Spain Email
John Spinks Email
Ronnie Springer Email
Melinda Stanford Email Web
Frank "Paco" Stewart Email Web
Zoe Stewart Web
Jonathan Su
Denis Sullivan
Elaine Sullivan Email Web
George Sullivan
Ruhina Tahir Email Web
Robert Tella Web
Wayne W Tucker Email Web
Jay Uhler Web
Theresa Vadala
Louise Van Aarsen Email Web
Charles Vermette Email Web
John Verrilli
Maureen Vitalone Email
Robert Vogt
Miriam Waks
Janine Wanee
Mary Catherine Ward Email
John Wardle
Carolyn Waters Email Web
Joan Watson-Jones Email Web
James Waugh
Richard Wayne Email Web
Bob Weber
Sara Weissinger
Robby Williamson Email
Michael Wolfberg
Wendy Wolfberg Email Web
Marva Wooden Email
Gary Woonteiler
Richard York Email
Elizabeth Young Email Web
Kellie Young Email
Zola Email Web
Bill Zolli
Lori Zuroff Email Web