BACA Membership Application Form

You do not have to be a performer or in a performance related field to belong to BACA. Membership is open to all who love and support all forms of live performance. We encourage families and friends of cabaret, jazz, musical theatre and all performing arts to join.

Membership costs $50 per year for up to two people in a household or $25 per year for students. Please note: The BACA renewal period takes place during September and October, but you will get a full year's membership for $50 regardless of when you join.

In addition, to help our data collection, each person in a two-member household should submit their own individual form, whether you are paying dues or are receiving a complimentary membership.

To Pay by PayPal or Credit Card:

  1. Complete and submit the form below.
  2. You will be taken to a page where you can send payment to BACA via PayPal or by credit card, if you do not have a PayPal account.

To Pay by Check:

  1. Complete and submit the form below.
  2. Mail your check made out to "Boston Association of Cabaret Artists," to:
    BACA Membership
    PO Box 66194
    Auburndale, MA 02466

BACA does not publish or release any membership data to its members or the public except as authorized by members on this form. BACA does retain contact information for internal use if there's a need to reach you. Your email address will be automatically added to the BACA members-only email bulletin board/chat room so you may post and receive messages about shows, open mics and cabaret performance topics.

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New or Renewal:

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Please indicate which of the following describes your membership:

 I am paying dues on behalf of myself only.
 I am paying dues on behalf of myself AND a second member of my household (the "Complimentary Member").
 I am the Complimentary Member of a two-person household.

Payment Method:

 PayPal    Credit Card via PayPal    Check    Cash    None (Complimentary)

Contact Information:

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Membership Payment Type:

 Standard (up to 2 members of same household): $50
 Student: $25. School: 
 Not Applicable (Complimentary)

Member Information

BACA's new website will consist of two areas: one open to the general public and one that is a private log-in section, open only to members. The choices that follow ask you give or deny permission to list the link indicated, such as a website, on either the public or members-only section. If you do not have that link, skip the choice. It doesn't apply to you.

On the PUBLIC area of the BACA website, which lists all members' names:

  Please DO do NOT link my name to my email address.
  Please DO do NOT link my name to my web address.

On the MEMBERS-ONLY private area of the BACA website:

  Please DO do NOT list my name and mailing address.
  Please DO do NOT list my home phone.
  Please DO do NOT list my mobile phone.
  Please DO do NOT list my office phone.

Please indicate services, skills or resources you can offer the association by checking the appropriate boxes. They will be listed in the MEMBERS ONLY private area of the new BACA website.

 Vocal/Performance Coach
 Avid audience member
 Music Educator
 Website/Graphic Design
 Writer: special material, patter
 Recording Studio/Engineer
 Musician (besides piano)

Member Classification: Choose the category or categories that best describe you
(for BACA internal use only).

 Professional Entertainer  Aspiring Professional  Audience Member  Songwriter  Other 

Please check all that apply to you:

 Have press kit
 Have CD
 Emcee shows/open mikes
 Perform clubs/lounges
 Perform at open mikes
 Concert work
 Have self-contained act
 Have played major room
 Musical theatre work
 Perform Corporate functions/private parties/weddings

What topics would you like to see covered in future educational workshops and panels?

 Developing a show
 Creating a CD
 Building an audience (publicity)
 Finding/creating a venue
 Working with instrumentalists
 Taking your show on tour
 Acting a song
 Developing and maintaining an image
 Creating a tribute or themed act
 Creating multi-disciplinary acts
 Relaxation methods
 Make-up/ hair for performers

Are you interested in being nominated as a director for a future BACA board?

 Yes  No  Maybe later

Are you interested in helping as a volunteer with BACA activities?

 Yes  No  Maybe later

If your answer is "yes" to either, PLEASE CHECK THE APPROPRIATE BOX(ES) to indicate the topics that would interest you as a potential board director or volunteer.

 Audience Development
 Venue Development
 CD Promotion
 Concierge Program
 Corporate Sponsorship
 Member Recruitment
 Newsletter Editor
 Newsletter Reporting
 Newsletter Layout
 Publicity/Media Relations
 Showcase/Open Mic Planning
 High School/College Outreach
 Seniors Outreach
 Member Statistics
 Grant Writing
 Website Management
 Website Development
 Legal Advice
 Software Development
 Project Management
 Youth Outreach

What is the most critical service BACA could offer to you or carry out more effectively?

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