BACA President's Update – Nov 6, 2015 – What's Happening?

BACA 20th Anniversary Celebration – Sunday Nov 8, 2015 4 PM-10 PM
We welcome all to join and participate in the BACA 20th Anniversary Celebration this Sunday Nov 8, 2015 from 4 PM to 10 PM that will be held at Amazing Things. We are so proud that many of our founding BACA members in Brad Conner, Ben Sears, Mary Scarlata Rowe, Brian De Lorenzo, Will McMillan and Debra Grollman will be introduced and performing in the formal hour from 6 :00 PM to 6:45 PM with singing/performance by all throughout the evening. Our BACA youth will be performing at 8 PM. There will be BACA Exhibits and Photos upstairs as well as food and refreshments.

We are expecting so many of our past BACA board members and BACA membership to be attending with almost everyone having an opportunity to meet and get to know each other. This will be a very rare gathering of BACA foundation members, past and current BACA Board members and BACA

Very, very special thanks to Sara Curry who had the idea and wanted to followup with planning and organizing this very special BACA 20th Anniversary Celebration. Sara was so ably supported by other BACA Board members in Linda Marks, Ruhina Tahir, Robby Williamson, Sheryl Altman and Casey.

On another note on researching BACA's history we compiled the list of past and present BACA Presidents and BACA Vice-Presidents for over the last 20 years. Interesting to note that over BACA's 20 year history there have been 6 different BACA Presidents and 11 different BACA Vice-Presidents. And it's interesting to note that 3 out of the 11 Vice-Presidents did step-up and move into the President's role.

However, what has helped BACA get to where it is are the many BACA Board members who have volunteered and served on the BACA Boards over the years with many completing extended terms and others oh so briefly but served oh so effectively. Examples of BACA volunteer unsung heroes as a case-in-point is Stanley Wilson who served one year as BACA Treasurer in 2008 and totally revamped 7 years BACA financial reporting to help position BACA for 501-c3 non profit performing arts status. Another is Andrew Altman who in June 2003 volunteered to be BACA's webmaster and to this day continues to serve so, so capably in this role. We are extremely grateful to both and to the many other unsung BACA volunteers of the past and present.

Thank you to all those in BACA's history who have volunteered and served on the BACA Board, BACA Ex-Officio Officer, BACA Advisory Role and most of all thank you to all the BACA members who have joined and continue to renew their membership with some participating and benefitting with being a member. And to those who have thriving professional performing arts careers who still renew their BACA membership and continue to support BACA organization even though they may not actively participate.

The idea of the BACA 20th Anniversary Celebration is to acknowledge and recognize the BACA founding members who without their vision and actually making it happen then BACA Organization would not have started. And the aim is to give an opportunity for BACA members to see and meet BACA foundation members, past and present members.

Oh, what I night it will be indeed! We hope you can make it to this very rare and very special celebration!

Year Term BACA President BACA Vice-President
1 1996-1997 Mary Scarlata-Rowe Brian De Lorenzo
2 1997-1998 Mary Scarlata-Rowe Brian De Lorenzo
3 1998-1999 Mary Scarlata-Rowe Brian De Lorenzo
4 1999-2000 Brian De Lorenzo John Amodeo
5 2000-2001 Brian De Lorenzo John Amodeo
6 2001-2002 Brian De Lorenzo Pamela Enders
7 2002-2003 Brian De Lorenzo Pamela Enders
8 2003-2004 Jim Keating Jinny Sagorin
9 2004-2005 Jim Keating Jinny Sagorin
10 2005-2006 Jim Keating Don Warnock
11 2006-2007 Jim Keating Kevin Luey
12 2007-2008 Kevin Luey Chrys Alam
13 2008-2009 Kevin Luey Chrys Alam
14 2009-2010 Eric Larivee Diane Carey
15 2010-2011 Diane Carey Ashley Lieberman
16 2011-2012 Kevin Luey Sara Brodsky
17 2012-2013 Kevin Luey Sara Brodsky
18 2013-2014 Kevin Luey Thomas Casey
19 2014-2015 Kevin Luey Thomas Casey
20 2015-2016 Kevin Luey Thomas Casey

BACA Youth Development Performance Showcase – Sun Nov 15, 2015 6 PM
We held our inaugural BACA Youth Development Performance Showcase #1 in August, 2015 in front of a near full house and the five young featured singer/performers along with seven of their friends accompanied by Tom LaMark on piano, put on an incredible production.

Based on strong interest we have organized a followup BACA Youth Development Performance Showcase #2 on Sun Nov 15, 2015 that will feature three youth bands and after intermission followed by two very young and talented singer/performers.

BACA Board is exploring different BACA Youth Development Performance Showcase formats with first being Broadway/Theater production and second BACA youth Development Performance Showcase combining three youth bands in the first half followed by two solo singing/performances.

We hope you can come and support the BACA Youth Development Performance Showcase #2 on Sun Nov 15, 2015 6 PM at Amazing Things.

Next year we have a music school specializing in youth programs wanting to participate in our BACA Youth Development Performance Showcase series as well as three other BACA young talented performers who could not perform this year due to scheduling conflicts and will participate next year.

We are very excited about the talent and future of our BACA Youth Development program and we now have two BACA Ex-Officio Officers – Youth Development Advisors in Teddy Edgar and Zoe Stewart.

What Else is Happening

  1. Monthly Outreach Program led by Sara Curry.
  2. Monthly BACA Open Mikes led by Linda Marks.
  3. Two Masterclass/Workshops scheduled for 2016 with first one only have two participation slots left, led by Sheryl Altman.
  4. Three new Education Programs for 2016 will be announced by Wendy Wolfberg who leads this new program.
  5. Six BACA Performance Showcases already scheduled for 2016 will be organized by Carole Bundy and Kevin Luey.
  6. Youth Development Performance Showcases for 2016 will be organized by Ruhina Tahir and Kevin Luey.
  7. One BACA Invitation Performance Showcase planned for 2016 will be organized by Kevin Luey
  8. One BACA Invitation Songwriters Performance Showcase for 2016 will be organized by Kevin Luey
  9. BACA Membership Improvement Process Task Force led by Casey.
  10. BACA Communications led by Linda Marks.
  11. Membership and Technology led by David Hardy.
  12. Constant Contact Database and Yahoo Groups Administration led by Jim Keating.
  13. We also have a BACA Christmas Party being organized at Linda Marks in December, 2015 and a BACA Dinner and Karoake Party also being organized by Linda Marks before the year is out.

Hopefully, we will see you soon either participating or attending and thank you all for your continued support of both the BACA Board and BACA members.

And special thanks to the BACA Board members who all lead their own respective programs and initiatives and also have time to support other board members programs and initiatives for the benefit of our BACA membership.

With Utmost Respect,

Kevin Luey
(President of BACA)
Cell (508) 231-6887

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